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Download 101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic (Math & Logic Puzzles) by C. R. Wylie Jr. PDF

By C. R. Wylie Jr.

Do you're keen on puzzles according to good judgment and reasoning? do this one:
In a undeniable financial institution the placement of cashier, supervisor, and teller are held through Brown, Jones, and Smith, even though now not unavoidably in that order. The teller, who was once an simply baby, earns the least. Smith, who married Brown's sister, earns greater than the executive. What place does each one guy fill?
If you love to entertain your self and stretch psychological muscle tissues on difficulties like this or more challenging ones, listed here are one hundred and one totally new difficulties for that you want no specified wisdom, no mathematical training—simply the facility to cause clearly.
Follow those difficulties via and you may not just elevate your skill to imagine in abstractions, yet you are going to get pleasure from fixing homicide difficulties and robberies, see which fishermen are liars and the way a blind guy can determine colour merely through good judgment, and revel in dozens of attention-grabbing occasions. Puzzles variety from effortless to really tough, and should please either newcomers and experts.

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I am a year older than Mary. I am not the youngest. Mary and I are three years apart. Mary is twenty-five. I am younger than Grace. Grace is twenty three. Helen is three years older than Grace. It is of course too much to expect that three young women should be entirely truthful when speaking of their ages, and in the present instance only two of the three statements made by each girl are true. Can you deduce the age 0/ each one? 51 Three men were once arrested for a crime which beyond a shadow of a doubt had been committed by one of them.

Dl name, and to whom would each man speak? 39 Six men, Andrews, Blaine, Colter, Doister, Ebert, and Fisher, are the only members eligible for the offices of president, vice-president, and secretary in a certain organization. If Andrews won't be an officer unless Ebert is president, Blaine won't serve if he outranks Colter, Blaine won't serve with Fisher under any conditions, Colter won't serve with both Ebert and Fisher, Colter won't serve if Fisher is president or Blaine is secretary, Doister won't serve with Colter or Ebert unless he outranks them, Ebert won't be vice-president, Ebert won't be secretary if Doister is an officer, Ebert won't serve with Andrews unless Fisher serves too, Fisher won't serve unless either he or Colter is president, How can the three offices be filled?

There are more children than adults, more adults than boys, more boys than girls, and more girls than families. There are no childless couples, and no two families have the same number of children. Every girl has at least one brother and at most one sister. One family has more children than all the others put together. H ow many families are there, and how many boys and girls are there in each family? 33 One afternoon Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Torrey, and Mrs. Winters went shopping together, each with two errands to perform.

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