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By F. William Engdahl

This e-book is a gripping account of the murky global of the overseas oil and its function in international politics. Scandals approximately oil are well-known to such a lot people. From George W. Bush's election victory to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US politics and oil get pleasure from a controversially shut dating. the U.S. economic system depends the inexpensive and limitless provide of this unmarried gas. William Engdahl takes the reader via a background of the oil industry's grip at the global financial system. His revelations are startling.

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The Deutsche Bank plan was to have the Baghdad rail link transport Mesopotamian oil over land, free from possible naval blockade by the British, thereby making Germany independent in its petroleum requirements. THE NEW DREADNOUGHTS It was not until 1909 that Admiral Fisher’s plans for Britain’s oil-fired navy began to be implemented. Germany had just launched the first of its advanced improvement on the British Dreadnought series. The German Von der Tann carried 80,000 horsepower engines, which, while still coal-fired, were capable of a then-astounding 28 knots.

In January 1914, a full six months before the nominal casus belli at Sarajevo, Sir George Paish, senior British Treasury official, was asked by the chancellor to make a definitive study of the state of the all-important British gold reserves. In 1914, the sterling gold standard was the prop of the world monetary system. ’ Sterling in 1914 played a role comparable to that of the US dollar before August 15, 1971. Sir George’s confidential memorandum reveals the thinking of the highest levels of the City of London at the time: Another influence fanning the agitation for banking reform has been the growing commercial and banking power of Germany, and the growth of uneasiness lest the gold reserves of London should be raided just before or at the beginning of a great conflict between the two countries.

On July 30, the Russian High Command persuaded the hesitant czar to resume the mobilization. On July 31, the German ambassador to St. Petersburg handed the czar a German declaration of war against Russia, then reportedly burst into tears and ran from the room. The German General Staff, having been prepared for possible war on both eastern and western fronts, implemented its Schlieffen plan. As France and Russia had mutual defense commitments, Germany decided that France must be defeated swiftly, correctly calculating that Russia would be slower to mobilize.

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