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Download A Clockwork Orange (UK edition) by Anthony Burgess PDF

By Anthony Burgess

A super analyzing from the unconventional through one of many wittiest commentators and literary figures of this century. "Antony Burgess reads chapters of his novel A Clockwork Orange" with hair-raising force and effort. even though it is a delusion set in an Orwellian destiny, this is often whatever yet a bedtime story."-- "New York instances"

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We smecked and then grinned but said nothing, and then he said: "What sort of a world is it at all? Men on the moon and men spinning round the earth like it might be midges round a lamp, and there's not more attention paid to earthly law nor order no more. " Then he gave us some lip-music - "Prrrrzzzzrrrr" - like we'd done to those young millicents, and then he started singing again: Oh dear dear land, I fought for thee And brought thee peace and victory - So we cracked into him lovely, grinning all over our litsos, but he still went on singing.

They went haw haw haw, viddying old Dim dancing round and fisting the writer veck so that the writer veck started to platch like his life's work was ruined, going boo hoo hoo with a very square bloody rot, but it was haw haw haw in a muffled eater's way and you could see bits of what they were eating. I didn't like that, it being dirty and slobbery, so I said: "Drop that mounch. I gave no permission. " So they put down their fatty pishcha on the table among all the flying paper and they clopped over to the writer veck whose horn- rimmed otchkies were cracked but still hanging on, with old Dim still dancing round and making ornaments shake on the mantelpiece (I swept them all off then and they couldn't shake no more, little brothers) while he fillied with the author of 'A Clockwork Orange', making his litso all purple and dripping away like some very special sort of a juicy fruit.

Now we were the very good mal- chicks, smiling good evensong to one and all, though these wrinkled old lighters started to get all shook, their veiny old rookers all trembling round their glasses, and making the suds spill on the table. " But we just made with the zoobies, flash flash flash, sat down, rang the bell, and waited for the boy to come. When he came, all nervous and rubbing his rookers on his grazzy apron, we ordered us four veterans - a veteran being rum and cherry brandy mixed, which was popular just then, some liking a dash of lime in it, that being the Canadian variation.

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