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Otherwise, the strategy could be unrealistic and may not achieve its aims as quickly. 10 A national strategy need not identify specific investment projects, although it may outline or provide broad directions for an investment program. A water resources management strategy should 7 For officials charged with program oversight, strategy can mean "simply addressing rigorous logic to the allocation of the scarce resources available to carry out the tasks assigned us by national strategy" (Lehman 1988).

What matters is not so much the structure as that strategy formulation has a genuinely intersectoral, multidisciplinary approach that can be implemented successfully. 31 It is appropriate for an interministerial committee to act as a steering committee during the course of the work program, reviewing progress and approving the course of work. In some countries, an interministerial committee will also be the authority that will choose among the options presented by the expert team; in others, it may present the recommendations of the expert team to the executive or to the legislative authority to enable either of them (or both) to choose the options that will constitute a strategy.

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