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By Kate St. James

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How had he found her? The fake number she’d passed him wasn’t anything like her own. com A Little Wild her as T. A. Sheridan—a far cry from Tess S. And she’d opted out of every online listing she could find. “I’m surprised you could reach me,” she said warily. His gravely chuckle spread through her. ” She didn’t want to think about bets. ” No, she hadn’t. And he knew so. That he’d discovered it should alarm her. Aside from Wednesday night, she’d never met him before. He could be a lunatic—or worse.

Would. com 31 Kate St. James “You. Would. ” Tucking her cell into her purse, Chloe stood. “Relax, I didn’t call anyone. That’s not to say I won’t, though. If you don’t get your ass in gear, sweetie, I’m calling him. I’ll pretend you had an attack of shyness and asked me to. A bit juvenile, but it could work. You really do need to get a life, you know. ” “A friend who knows when to butt out? ” A saintly look befell Chloe’s features. “I have a life. It might stink at the moment, but it’s there. Besides, one dismal case at a time, and it’s your turn.

She tugged the towel on the inside-tub rod to dry her face. Usually, she didn’t bring the telephone into the bathroom. However, last night her youngest sister had called to report that their mother was experiencing a major housecleaning fit. At such times, their father made himself scarce, which upset Patrice Sheridan, who maintained she only kept a perfect house to please him. In truth, Tess and her sisters realized their mother entered housecleaning overload whenever she felt neglected or under some other equally disturbing Mike-Sheridan-induced stress.

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