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By Luise Abramowski, Alan E. Goodman

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1. 5. ” 118 W ith the rise o f the M u'tazilite sect, w hich, as w e have seen, used the method o f the Kalam and has retained for its system the name K alam even w hen that system became philosophized, the term Kalam gradually came to be identified w ith Mu'tazilism. 120 T h e upshot o f our discussion is that the history o f the Kalam to the time o f its becom ing identified w ith M u'tazilism falls into three periods. T h e first period is that o f the pre-iMu'tazilite Kalam . It began w hen, in such problems as anthropomorphisms, free will, the status o f sinners, and the status o f the follow ers o f both sides in the Battle o f the Camel, the participants in the discussion o f these problems, instead o f m erely quoting texts from the K oran and the Sunnah in the defense o f their re­ spective views, began to use a certain method o f reasoning w hereb y inferences w ere drawn from those texts o f the K oran and the Sunnah.

36, 11. 10-15. 15Mukaddimah II, p. 385,11. 1-4. , p. 385, 1. 16 - p. 386, 1. 13, and p. 386, 11. 14-17. , p. 385,11. 5-9. 20 T h e full implication o f this contrast betw een the tw o sci­ ences, as m ay be gathered from his statements about the tra­ ditional sciences imm ediately follow in g the statement just quoted and from his statements in his later discussion o f one o f the philosophical sciences, logic,21 m ay be restated as fo l­ lows. , 11. i i - n . 21 Ibid. Ill, p. 108, 1. 8-p. i n , 1.

Used in the Fikh, w e find that the likenesses upon w h ich the analo­ gies are based are certain special likenesses w ith regard to certain special aspects to be observed in things w h ich on the w hole are unlike. A good example o f such a use o f analogy in the Fikh is to be found in Ibn H aldun’s ow n citation o f a case in w hich the method o f analogy is used in the Fikh. 63 A n a lo g y in the Fikh thus does not mean sim ply likeness; it means some special aspect or aspects o f likeness betw een things w h ich in all other aspects are unlike.

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