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3). The heavy-ion facilities presented in Fig. 7 include (a) the MSU 500(q2/A) MeV superconducting cyclotron injecting into a 800(q2/A) MeV superconducting cyclotron, (b) the 25-MV Oak Ridge folded tandem injected into a 440(q2/A) MeV cyclotron, (c) the French facility GANIL, with coupled 400(q/A2)cyclotrons, (d) the Chalk River 13-MV tandem injected into a 500(q2/A)-MeV cyclotron, and (e) the Oak Ridge 25-MV folded tandem injected into the ORIC cyclotron 90(y2/A). The relative merits of these machines in terms of the total energy per nucleon can be readily determined from the figure.

C/Z, is a velocity-dependent term, significant only at low velocities, which is included to correct the stopping cross section for the nonparticipation of inner-shell electrons in ionization and excitation of projectiles at low velocities. The 6/2 term, another correction to stopping cross section, is important only at ultrahigh velocities; it corrects for the density effect, reducing energy loss from the dashed line to the solid line in the high-velocity region of Fig. 2. l~ Both C / Z 2and S/2 are functions of the target atom as well as the projectile velocity.

Hafstad, Phys. Rei.. 2. ACCELERATED IONS FOR ATOMIC COLLISIONS 9 Darbyzl and again in 1951 by A1varez2* It was developed to practicality by High Voltage Engineering Corporationz3in 1960. The principle of the tandem is to charge the terminal to some positive voltage just as in the conventional Van de Graaff, but to have two acceleration columns, one on either side of the terminal. Negative ions are accelerated toward the terminal and then stripped by a gas or thin foil to form positive ions, which are then accelerated away from the terminal in the second column just as in the regular one-stage Van de Graaff.

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