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Download Against the Cult of the Reptile God (Advanced Dungeons & by Douglas Niles PDF

By Douglas Niles

This module is designed for 4-7 characters of first via 3rd degrees. It contains a map of the village and an outline of its structures and occupants, an overland trip to a tough underground event for specially courageous (or foolhardy...) characters, and a listing of pre-rolled first point characters.

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Ramne will be able to teach lower level magic users enough to advance them a level, providing of course that enough experience points have been earned. Thieves, clerics, and fighters will have to journey to Hochoch for the necessary instruction, but will be welcomed upon their return to Orlane. The usual costs for level advancement will be charged to all, of course. Each tube contains a scroll. The first, for magic-users, has three spells written on it (slow, stinking cloud, detect magic at L7 caster ability).

Of course, there will be a period of readjustment and guilt as the former cult members realize some of the things that they have done. Human nature is resilient, however, and after a month or so, the little village will have returned to its atmosphere of friendliness and optimism. Two ivory scroll tubes of brilliant white are also buried in the treasure pile. Each is sealed and elaborately carved with leafy patterns. These carvings must be arranged in a pre-designed pattern to release the catch at the end of the tube, thus allowing it to be opened.

The DM may have Ramne take more if more is available per share, or the DM wishes to further limit the magic that the player characters receive. Remember that characters must often sell magic to pay for training—first level characters who survive all the adventures in this module will probably become second level. The denizens of the Dim Forest will also note the destruction of the cult, for the reptile god's minions caused a number of those humanoids to withdraw deep into the woods and cease their depredations against the village.

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