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By American Water Works Association

This handbook publications operators within the choice, deploy, and upkeep of air valves in ingesting water offer purposes. insurance contains air valve varieties, valve situation, valve orifice sizing, water hammer, install, operation, defense, and upkeep.

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Bolting Material All nuts and bolts should be protected to prevent corrosion. Valves Located Aboveground Aboveground air valves should be protected from freezing, contamination, or vandalism. Valves Located Belowground In addition to the protection from freezing, contamination, and vandalism, air valves located belowground should also be provided with a proper valve vault. 1 Air Valve Shutoff Valve Pipeline Riser Figure 6-1 Pipeline installation of an air-release valve Copyright (C) 2001 American Water Works Association All Rights Reserved INSTALLATION, OPERATION, MAINTENANCE, AND SAFETY 29 Valve Vault A valve vault should have adequate screened ventilation to satisfy the air requirements for the valve and ventilation of the structure as shown in Figure 6-2.

And Venturi meters 9 vertical turbine pumps 9 24 3 4f. Air-release valves air capacity table for orifices 12t. installation 28f. selection of 20 with vacuum breakers 19 20f. 3-4 4f. orifice sizing for gravity flow 16 16t. 17f. orifice sizing for pipeline filling 14 15f. 15t. selection of 21 and water hammer 23 Air/vacuum valves 18f. C Combination air valves dual-body configurations selection of 5 5f. 5 5f. 22 5f. 22 19 24 21 single-body configurations vault installation and water hammer 5 29f. 23 D Deep-well pumps 9 24f.

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