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By Conference on Algebraic Geometry (1988 Sundance Institute), Brian Harbourne, Robert Speiser

This quantity includes the court cases of the NSF-CBMS nearby convention on Algebraic Geometry, held in Sundance, Utah, in July 1988. The convention fascinated by algebraic curves and comparable kinds. a number of the papers accrued the following characterize lectures introduced on the convention, a few record on learn performed through the convention, whereas others describe similar paintings conducted somewhere else

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U acts trivially on F, Gh(F) = Auto(F) (b) Gh ' V . 4) There are natural homomorphisms Ph,F N(F) ~Gh(F), Pl , FN{F) ~ Gl(F) . 5) r n N(F) is again an arithmetic subgroup, since F is a rational boundary component. 3) o } g-g1 0 0 b 0 191 0 tm o o 1 0 This is not a g-g1 0 subgroup of N(F); rather, a section of W(F g )/U(F ) via exponential. 1 91 The map which associates a standard element as above to I=T m+ n endows it a complex structure. 4 There is a canonically imbedding of V Harish-Chandra) in its compact dual In our case, ~ (oJ -"->GL g-gl (0) (due to Borel and V.

This topology. Denote by Nr,g the parabol ic subgroup of SP29(IR) consisting of matrices of the form 20 g' y ''']' [A'A21 A20 "B21 Cl 0 Dl B2 D12 o 0 o D2 r g-r r g-r = g-r r 9 -r in (r,g -r) blocks. There is a natural homomorphism Pr,g : Nr,g ~Sp2 r (R), which sends an element y as above to Yl = (~: ~:) £ SP29(R). 7. by r of a topological space H* denote it by r\ 9 . 1) "rational boundary components". H* = {(y,Q)ly 9 (Yl ,Q) where . ff 1 r = (Y2,Q') R ,-1 Set-theoretically, E for Q £ Hr , Q' N r,g' and £ Hr , , Yl'Y2 E Q' = Pr,g(y~lYl)·Q It is easily checked that R is an equivalence relation, SP29(Q) representative.

X and {(T,W,t) V = cl ~U(F) is a symmetric R-bilinear form. :J In case Fg,' V(F) ';;: {n = [\~ e: Mgxg(C)i n = tn, t e: Hg1 }, the embedding V ~V = U(F) x cgdg-g d xl' is just l' C l' n = = ~J ~(T,W,t), [t: and where we identified a symmetric (g-gl)X(g-gl) matrix w with and C(F ) 91 ~ 1 0 0 0 gl 0 1g-gl 0 w 0 0 19l 0 0 1g-gl 0 0 e: U( l'gl ) the cone in U(Fn corresponding to the cone of ,,1 ) symmetric, positive definite (g-gl)x(g-gl) real matrices via the above identification. U(F) ~ In this case, tt(w,w) = t(Im w)(Im t)-l(Im w).

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