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Instead, the principal sources of T2 information are Internet-based searches supplemented by review of printed publications and review by subject-matter experts (Dierdorff, Drewes, and Norton, 2006). To date, the O*NET Center has gathered this type of information for 427 occupations, approximately half of those in the current database. Like the DWA data, the T2 data can be viewed through the O*NET OnLine website, but they are not included in the core O*NET database made available for download. T2 data are available for download as supplemental information.

2009b). 0. html [accessed July 2009]. National Center for O*NET Development. (no date). The O*NET content model. html [accessed June 2009]. National Research Council. (1980). Work, jobs, and occupations: A critical review of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. R. J. S. A. ). Washington, DC: National Academy Press. edu/catalog. record_id=92 [accessed May 2009]. S. Department of Labor. (2006). Strategic plan for fiscal years 2006-2011. gov/_sec/stratplan/ [accessed May 2009]. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

Department of Labor, 1991). Second, in 1993, APDOT recommended a set of specifications for a content model to be included in a new and different DOT, which they referred to as the “new DOT” (Advisory Panel for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, 1993). S. , 1997). Fourth, the prototype was revised in 19981999, leading to the current content model. Since 2000, the National Center for O*NET Development (the O*NET Center) has collected data related to the descriptors in this content model. The Dictionary of Occupational Titles Content Model The 1991 revision of the DOT contains descriptions of over 12,000 occupational titles, referred to as DOT codes.

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