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By Alan Albert Bertossi; Alberto Montresor

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V. v. ). conjunct A predicate that’s ANDed with zero or more others. conjunction 1. (Dyadic case) If p and q are predicates, their conjunction (p) AND (q) is a predicate also. Let (ip) AND (iq) be an invocation of that predicate (where ip and iq are invocations of p and q, respectively). Then that invocation (ip) AND (iq) evaluates to TRUE if and only if ip and iq both evaluate to TRUE. Note: The parentheses enclosing p and q in the conjunction might not be needed in practice. 2. (N-adic case) Let p1, p2, .

Business rule A statement, usually in natural language, that’s supposed to capture some aspect of what the data in the database means or how its values are constrained. , are an important special case. The Relational Database Dictionary, Extended Edition 21 C calculus 1. Generically, a system of formal computation (the Latin word calculus means a pebble, perhaps used in counting or some other form of reckoning). 2. Relational calculus specifically (if the context demands). candidate key Loosely, a unique identifier.

Contrast dependant. Example: See dependant. 46 The Relational Database Dictionary, Extended Edition difference The difference between two relations r1 and r2 (in that order), r1 MINUS r2, where r1 and r2 are of the same type T, is a relation of type T with body the set of all tuples t such that t appears in r1 and not in r2. v. v. Example: The expression (S{CITY}) MINUS (P{CITY}) denotes the difference between the projections on {CITY} of the relations that are the current values of relvars S and P (in that order).

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