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By Kathleen G. Auerbach, Jan Riordan

Research advisor to Jan Riordan's textual content entitled Breastfeeding and Human Lactation.

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Breastfeeding and Human Lactation

Research advisor to Jan Riordan's textual content entitled Breastfeeding and Human Lactation.

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Distinguish between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding in terms of the following elements: a. sounds b. frequency of suckling c. breathing patterns d. mouth extension e. tongue placement and action f. lip flanging g. feeding duration 5. " Indicate whether you agree with this statement and, if so, why? If you disagree, how would you argue that this statement is simplistic and/or incorrect? 6. Explain what is meant by the "supply-demand" response. 6: Story Problem You are asked to explain to a group of pregnant couples how the breast works.

Use at least two examples to support your distinctions. 4. Identify at least five different nonverbal messages that mothers receive regarding breastfeeding. You need not limit your answer to a single culture. 5. What is colostrum? Explain how it is viewed in different cultures and how these beliefs may influence how colostrum is used. Provide at least two examples to buttress your argument. 6. What is the "hot-cold" theory? On what is it based, and how does it influence food choices? Indicate how knowledge of this theory might be used when offering food to Hispanic women housed in a postpartum hospital ward?

In each case, note how each reason might influence a family member's behavior relating to other people, such as in-laws, friends, or colleagues. 2. Meet John. He has been a father for only three hours and has just arrived home from the hospital. On the way home, John was stopped by a policeman for Page 17 weaving all over the road. Only after explaining that he and his wife had just had their first baby, following a 12-hour labor, did the policeman send him home without giving him a ticket. John knows life will not be the same.

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