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By Fred C. Pampel

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Rather, it set standards for those that chose to provide a plan for employees. ERISA also created the PBGC to protect the pensions of workers with defined-benefit plans. Companies with such plans pay an insurance premium that goes into a fund supervised by the PBGC. When a company does not have the funds to pay its promised benefits or risks going out of business by paying the benefits, the PBGC covers the pension obligations to workers 35 Rights of the Elderly (while trying to recover funds from the company).

Their services differ depending on the HMO or PPO, but Part C plans have lower costs and more benefits than the original plan. Along with the advantages, however, HMOs and PPOs have restrictions: They require members to go to certain hospitals, get referrals to see specialists, and see doctors who belong to the network. 45 Rights of the Elderly Participants in Medicare programs can obtain prescription drug coverage. Those enrolled in original Medicare join plans run by private companies. The Medicare Prescription Drug benefit (called Part D) began in 2006 in response to the high cost of prescriptions for the elderly.

Even so, treating individuals as a member of a group makes for simplicity and efficiency. Seligman and Posner believe that, by obstructing the workings of the labor market in employment decisions, the ADEA has had unwanted consequences. It in fact may increase rather than reduce age discrimination. Despite the effort of the Supreme Court to clarify the issue with its 2005 decision, the standards used to prove age discrimination remain confused. Although few age discrimination suits win, the confusion in standards makes employers vulnerable.

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