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By A C Twort; Don D Ratnayaka; Malcolm J Brandt

Fundamental to the luck of this e-book through the years is the sensible strategy that the authors have taken to a large survey of the entire methods curious about deciding to buy, treating and allotting water. the recent variation is revised by means of specialists from one of many most sensible consulting engineer teams on the planet and takes a global process in protecting updated concerns in water engineering. overseas criteria are tested in-depth with specified assurance of WHO, united kingdom eu and US criteria, businesses and practices. New insurance of the numerous developments in process adjustments and remodel and insist administration are lined completely.

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0 / 40 50 60 70 i I -. -. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : /I-- ....... . . . . ,i I 80 I 90 I 100 I 110 I I 120 130 I/h 7" litres/hour _, ~ 3000 I/h max. J " Inferential meter performance class B "~ I ~Rotary piston meter performance Class C f Test results t Both meters 15 mm size, maximum rating 3000 I/h Fig. 3 Performance of two types of small water meters at low flows (as WRC Report TR 221 1984). exceed 5% under-registration at flows below 30 1/h and Class C meters at flows below 15 1/h.

00 hours or earlier for commuting areas; and about noon for mixed residential and industrial areas. 0 or more. 0 for western states. 0. All these factors apply to the average annual daily demand. 0 .. ~~ o ~ tt-- o O. 0 .... Entirely residential 0"" I 500 1000 Mainly Industrial, residential and rural residential 1 500010000 I 50000 100l~00 ,1 500000 1000000 Population supplied Fig. 5 Ratio of peak hourly flow to annual average flow inan undertaking (Adams, JIWE, 1955). meet fire demand. The larger, principal feeder mains, and those supplying an outlying area may have to be sized according to the peak hourly demand.

The 'multi-jet' meter (dividing the flow into several streams) was developed to improve the accuracy of such meters. Source meters and meters on large mains have hitherto been of the Venturi or Dall tube type so that the majority of existing meters are of this type. But in future increasing use is likely to be made of the electromagnetic meter which is simpler to install and more accurate. 25%, but must be carefully sited to prevent turbulence caused by an upstream bend or valve, etc. affecting their performance.

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